Connect Add-Ons

An add-on is a connection between the OSF and another third-party service such as Google Drive or GitHub. You and others can view and interact with materials stored on other services from within your OSF project or component.  

If you run into errors connecting an add-on to your project,  check our status page for updates on how the OSF and add-on providers are operating.

If you are connecting to an institutional storage provider, and you receive a "permission denied error," the institution may need to add the OSF as an authorized application in order for us to connect to them. If this happens, please contact

Go to your project or component "Overview" page and click the Settings tab in the navigation bar.

The "Settings" page will appear.

Click Select Add-Ons in the left sidebar, and you will see a list of storage and citation add-ons.

2. Configure storage or citation add-ons

You can connect as many of the supported add-ons to your project or component as you like. Add-ons can only be connected one-at-a-time, and only one contributor's account can be connected via add-on per project or component. You can connect different add-on accounts, folders, or repositories to individual components within a project.

First, check the box next to the add-on that you want to connect to your project or component.

You will be asked to agree to the respective terms and conditions of the add-on that you select.

Click Confirm to agree to the terms and to connect the add-on.

The"Configure Add-ons" section will appear below the list of add-ons.

Click the Connect Account link on the right.

You will be asked to grant the OSF access to the content within your add-on account.

Click Allow to connect your add-on account to your OSF project or component.

Next, choose the folder or repository that you want to connect to your project, then click Save.

To change a folder or repository, first click the Change button and then select the new folder or repository.

Then, click Save.

Your add-on folder or repository will be connected to your project or component.