Edit the Wiki

The wiki is a versatile tool for interacting with your team and others who view your work. Wikis can be used to explain the main points of your project and can contain information like lab notes, contact information, or more in-depth details about your project. The wiki supports Markdown and MathJax syntax.

The wiki supports collaborative editing, meaning your entire team can work on it at the same time. You can also make wikis publicly editable to allow visitors to your project to contribute. All versions of a wiki page are saved, so you can always go back to previous versions and compare current wikis with previous iterations. 

Open the editor

First, open your project. Then click the Wiki button in the navigation bar or in the "Wiki" section.

You will be taken to your wiki.

Click the Edit button in the toolbar (the "View" button will be toggled on by default.).

The "Edit" pane will open in which you can add and edit content.

Type your content into the "Edit" pane.  The middle pane, called "View," previews the wiki content as you type and can be toggled off by clicking the View button.

Format text, bullets, headings, and more

Formatting text, bullets, headings, and more

The toolbar above the Edit pane contains several buttons to help you format your wiki, even if you don't know Markdown syntax. In order from left to right, they are as follows:

Format text in bold

Format text in italics

Insert a hyperlink

Insert a blockquote

Insert a code sample

Insert an image

Insert a numbered list

Insert a bulleted list

Insert a heading

Insert a horizontal line

The next two buttons, though not formatting buttons,  allow you to undo or redo typing in the wiki. Finally, autocomplete can be turned on by checking the box and the wiki will try to anticipate what you are typing and complete the word for you.

Add files

Embed files from OSF Storage

Open the file that you want to embed (it must be uploaded to OSF Storage). Then copy the globally unique identifier (GUID) from the file's URL.

Paste the GUID into the wiki editor, and embed it using the following syntax:


Click the green Save button to save your changes.

Drag and drop local images

Drag and drop one or more images from your computer into the wiki editor.

Click the green Save button to save your changes.

Embed images

If the image you want to embed in the wiki is one of your own, you will need to upload it to your project first. See the Uploading Files article to learn how to upload and view files.

Click on the name of the file to open its "File Detail" page. Then, right click on the image and select "Copy image address" to copy the URL for the image (Note: the URL will have the form:


-- NOTE the short URL points to the File Detail page).

Click the image icon in the toolbar of the wiki editor.

Insert the URL for the image into the modal that appears and click Add.

The image will be embedded in your wiki.

Click the green Save button to save your changes.

Resize images

After you embed an image, the markdown syntax will contain footnotes as follows:

To resize an image, remove the footnotes. Then place the image URL in parentheses and move it directly after the description. For example:

![enter image description here](image URL)

To resize an image to an exact size, add the following syntax after the image URL:

![enter image description here](image URL =nxn)

To resize the image to fit the page, add the following syntax after the URL:

![enter image description here](image URL =100%x)

To resize the image to a relative size, use a percentage:

![enter image description here](image URL =n%x)

The image will be resized accordingly.

To insert a hyperlink into the wiki, click the Insert link button in the toolbar. Type the URL of the website you'd like to link to in the modal (e.g., https://osf.io), then type your text inside the brackets that appear (e.g., The Open Science Framework)

Inserting links

Insert anchors

First, add a table of contents using the following syntax:


Without the optional label, the text will say "Table of Contents."

Then, insert your anchor(s) anywhere in the wiki using the following syntax:

## linked text ##

## linked text ##

Embed Youtube or Vimeo videos

You can embed Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, and Prezi in a wiki using a simple bit of Markdown syntax.

For a Youtube video:


For a Vimeo video:


For a Vine video:


For a Prezi:


Replace the URL with the address of the video or presentation you wish to embed.

Add a table

You can insert tables in a wiki by using markdown syntax: each row on a separate line, with vertical pipes to separate cells. See the example below:


| Characteristics | Types |

| ------ | ----------- |

| Altered Wing Structures   | Short, long, none |

| Altered Body Color | brown, gold, green |

| Altered Eye Color    | brown, red, hazel |