Edit Your Preprint

You can edit your preprint to update its title, version, subject, license, abstract, DOI, and authors.

You must have admin access in order to edit a preprint.

1. Open the preprint editor

First, open your preprint page, then click the green Edit preprint button on the top right.

The "Edit Preprint" page will appear.

2. Upload

Upload a new version of your preprint

New versions must have the same filename and be the same file type as the original - but don't worry, all versions are saved automatically so nothing is lost. Read more about files and version control on the OSF here.

Click inside the "Upload" section to open it. Then, click inside the "Preprint File" section to expand it.  

Drag and drop the new file version into the box, then click Save and continue.

The new version of your preprint will be labeled according to the version number. For example, if this is the first time you're uploading a new version of your preprint, the new version will be labeled "Version: 2."

Edit your preprint title

Click inside the "Upload" section to open it (if it's not already). Then, click the "Preprint Title" section to expand it.

Enter changes to your title in the "Preprint Title" textbox. Note that editing your preprint title will also change the title of your associated OSF project or component.

Click Save and continue.

3. Discipline

You can add or remove disciplines and subdisciplines in the Discipline section.

To add a discipline, select one from the discipline chooser. The disciplines will appear above the discipline chooser.

To remove a discipline, click the white X to the right.

Click Save and continue to apply your changes.

4. Basics

You can modify the license, DOI, publication date, tags, and abstract in the respective fields.

Click Save and continue to apply your changes.

5. Authors

  1. You can add more co-authors by typing their names into the search box. If your co-authors have accounts on the OSF, their names will appear below the "Results" section. If they don’t have an account on the OSF, you can add them as an unregistered contributor by clicking the blue Add author by email address button. Click the green Add button to add additional co-authors.
  2. You can reorder authors by clicking the icon with 3 bars to the left of the author's name, and then dragging and dropping the names into the correct order.
  3. You can modify authors' permissions and indicate whether or not they should appear in citations.
  4. You can also remove authors by clicking the red Remove button to the right of the author list.

6. Update

When you're finished editing your preprint, click the Return to preprint button at the bottom of the page.

Your preprint will be updated.