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Add Supplemental Files to a Preprint

When you share a preprint with OSF Preprints or a community preprint server, an OSF project will automatically be created so that you can add supplemental files, such as code or other materials to your preprint. Each file is given a unique, persistent URL, meaning that it can be cited or linked to individually. See the general OSF Guides for help in using the other features within the OSF project, such as using the wiki and understanding project logs.

Learn how to manage your supplemental files through your OSF project.

1. Open your project

First, open your preprint.

Then click the Visit project button on the bottom right.

You will be taken to your "Project Overview" page where you can add supplemental files.

2. Upload files

Click the Files tab in the navigation bar.

The "Files" page will appear.

Select OSF Storage, and a toolbar will appear.

Then click the Upload button in the toolbar, and select a file from a dialog box.

3. View supplemental files

Return to the "Project Overview" page, and click the View preprint button.

Supplemental files will be listed below your preprint on the "Preprint Detail" page.

Select a file to view it in the file viewer.