Cite Preprints

Learn how to cite a preprint by following this help guide!

Use APA, MLA, or Chicago styles

When you open a preprint, you land on the "Preprint Details" page.

In the bottom right of the "Preprint Details" page, there is a "Citations" section that lists citations for the preprint in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

You can cite a preprint by copying and pasting one of these citations into your own research.

Use other citation styles

If you need a citation style that's different from APA, MLA, and Chicago, go to the OSF project that's connected to the preprint.

Click the Visit project button in the bottom right of the "Preprint Details" page.

The OSF project will appear.

Next, click inside the "Citation" section.

The "Citation" section will expand. APA, MLA, and Chicago formats are listed by default.

Type into the Get more citations box to find hundreds of other citaton styles from which you can choose.

The citation will be generated below the box.