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File Revisions and Version Control

The OSF has built-in version control. When you add a new version of a file with the same name to your OSF project, the OSF automatically updates the file and maintains a record of all previous versions stored on OSF Storage.

The OSF also provides access to previous versions of files stored on third-party storage providers. Some storage providers limit the number of previous versions saved; check with your storage provider to understand their policies and practices related to versioning.

View previous versions of a file

On your project or component "Overview" page, click a file from the "Files" section.

The "File Details" page will appear.

The most recent version of the file will be displayed.

Click the Revisions tab in the top right of the page or the hyperlinked (Version: X) next to the file name.

A list of all of the file's revisions will appear. Each revision has its own version ID.

To view previous versions of your file, select its Version ID.

Download previous versions of a file

In the list of revisions, click the download icon next to the version of the file that you want to download.

The file will be downloaded onto your computer.