Create a Project

This article will show you how to create an OSF project. Projects are the largest form of categorization that the OSF supports. A project can be an experiment, a lab group, or a paper—anything that has contributing members and files or explanatory texts/images.

1. Create an OSF project

First, sign in to the OSF, and your dashboard will appear. Your dashboard lists all of your projects and components.

Click the Create new project button in the top right of your dashboard.

The "Create new project" modal will appear.

2. Name and describe your project

Enter a title for your project into the first field of the modal.

If you want to affiliate your project with an institution, click any or all of the institutional logos available in the "Affiliation" section. For more information on affiliated institutions, please see the OSF for Institutions help guides.

To add a short description of your project (optional), click More and type a description into the "Description" field that appears.

Then, click the green Create button.

A modal with a message confirming the creation of your project will appear.

Click the green Go to new project button in the modal to navigate to your "Project Overview" page.

Your "Project Overview" page will appear.

3. Explore your "Project Overview" page

The "Project Overview" page is the main view of your project. From here you can read your project's description, access the wiki, upload files, add tags, and more.

The next article will explain how to create and use components to organize your research.