View Analytics

You can measure the impact of your work with a variety of analytics found on the OSF. Every project and component has an Analytics tab where you can learn about visits to your project or component over time. You can also view analytics on projects and components of which you are not a contributor.

Note: Analytics is only shown for public projects.

Access a project's analytics

Go to the "Project Overview" or "Component Overview" page, and click the Anaytics tab in the gray navigation bar to see a project or component's analytics.

The "Analytics" page will appear.

The project analytics track the number of times other users have forked, linked to, or created a template from your project.

Click on one of these boxes to view the user and their project and the date/time of when the user referenced your project.

Information regarding the project will appear.

On the "Analytics," page, you can modify the date range by clicking the Update button in the top right of the page (the default date range is the last 30 days).

Here you will see data about visitors to your public OSF projects:

  • Unique visits: This graph shows the number of visitors per day over the last 30 days.
  • Time of day visits: This graphs shows the number of visitors at each  hour of the day.
  • Top referrers: This graph shows how visitors are referred to your projects. 
  • Popular pages: This graph shows the project or component's most visited pages.

See download counts

Click the Files tab in the gray navigation bar, and the "Files" page will appear.

Find the "Downloads" column on the right side of the page. This column is visible on every project and component's "Files" page.

The "Downloads" column shows the number of times a file has been downloaded. The number of downloads helps you better understand how many people are accessing your and others' work.