View Project Analytics

OSF Projects have their own built-in analytics to track popular pages and number of visits over time. You can view the impact of any public project by clicking its Analytics tab.

Analytics are available on public projects only.

1. Access a project's analytics

Open the project for which you want to view analytics.

Then click the Analytics tab in the navigation bar.

The "Analytics" page will appear.

The number of OSF projects that are forked from, linked to, or templated from this project are listed at the top of the page.

Click View all forks to view projects forked from this project.

You will be taken to the "Forks" page. All public forks will be listed here. Private forks on which you are a contributor will be visible only to you and your contributors on this page.

Click View all links to view all projects linking to this project.

View analytics

Charts and graphs of analytics are displayed at the bottom of the "Analytics" page. You can select a date range to view analytics over the past week, two weeks, or month.

  • Unique visits: displays the number of visits per day over the selected date range.
  • Time of day of visits: displays the number of visits per hour over the selected date range.
  • Top referrers: displays websites or links from where users are being referred to your project.
  • Popular pages: displays the project's most-frequently-visited pages.

View download counts on files

Click the Files tab to view files.

Refer to the "Downloads" column for download counts on files stored in OSF Storage. Contributor downloads are not included in the download numbers.