Create a Project from a Template

You can create a new project using another project's structure as a template. When you use a project as a template, the project along with any components and their titles will be copied to the new project. Please note that data will not be copied over to the new project.

1. Use one of your projects as a template

First, sign in to the OSF and your dashboard will appear.

Click the Create new project button on your dashboard.

The "Create new project" modal will appear.

Enter a title for your project into the first field.

Then click More.

Click "More"

A drop-down section will unfold.

Below the "Template" section, click inside the menu, and a list of your projects will open.

From this list, select the project whose structure you want to use as a template for your new project.

Choose a Template

Then, click Create.

Your new project will be created from the template.

Your New Project

Use a public project as a template

Note that this workflow works for both your public and private projects, as well.

Go to the project that you want to use as a template, and the "Project Overview" page will appear.

Click the forking button in the top right of the "Project Overview" page.


Then, click Duplicate template from the drop-down menu.

A modal will appear, asking you to confirm whether you want to create a new project using this project as a template. Any add-ons connected to the project will not be copied into the template.

Click Create to confirm.

Create Templated Project

Your new project will be created from the template.

Your new project title will begin with "Templated from..." To change the name of your project, see our Rename a Project help guide.