Register Your Project

A registration on OSF creates a frozen, time-stamped version of a project that cannot be edited or deleted. The original project can still be edited, while the registered version cannot. You might create a registration to capture a snapshot of your project at certain points in time - such as right before data collection begins, when you submit a manuscript for peer review, or upon completion of a project.

Registrations can be made public immediately or embargoed for up to 4 years. Registrations cannot be deleted, but they can be withdrawn. Withdrawing a registration removes the content of the registration but leaves behind basic metadata, like registration title, contributors, and a reason for the withdrawal (not required).

1. Create a registration

First, log in to the OSF.

Then go to the project for which you want to create a registration. On your "Project Overview page, click the Registrations tab in the gray navigation bar.

In the "Registrations" tab, click the New registration button.

2. Choose a registration form

Choose the registration form that you want to use. You can hover over the i symbol to read a short description of each form. See the Registration Forms help guide for more detailed information.

When you've selected the form you want to use, click the Create draft button. Depending on the registration form you choose, you may be asked to read the registration's terms.

3. Fill out the registration form

The various forms ask you to input some data about the state of your project and why you're creating the registration.  

You can save your progress and revisit it later by clicking the Save as Draft button. This button will be at the bottom left of every page in the registration form. Learn more about saving your registration form as a draft at Save Your Registration Form as a Draft.

Once you've completed the registration form, click the  Preview for submission button. If the registration form is more than 1-page long, this button will be at the bottom right of the last page.

4. Preview and register

Look over your registration form to make sure that all of the information you provided is correct. Please note that upon registering your project, you won't be able to make changes to your registration form.

If you'd like to make changes to your registration form, click the Continue editing button.

Or, if you're happy with your submission, click the Register button

5. Choose your privacy settings

Before you submit your registration, a final modal will appear that allows you to choose your privacy settings.

Click inside the "Registration Choice" menu. Then choose to either make your registration public immediately or to embargo it for up to 4 years.

If you choose to enter your registration into an embargo, the "Embargo End Date" box will appear below the "Registration Choice" menu.

Click inside the "Embargo End Date" box, and a calendar will appear from which you can select the date that you want to end the embargo.

When you're ready to finalize your registration, click the Submit button.

6. Approve or cancel your registration

When a project is registered, all administrators on the project are notified via email and given the opportunity to approve or cancel the registration by clicking the corresponding link in the email.

The registration goes into effect

  • either when all administrators have approved the registration
  • or when 48 hours have passed (whichever comes first)

If one administrator disapproves the registration, the registration is cancelled. You will be notified via email if an administrator disapproves the registration.

7. How to distinguish between projects and registrations

Registrations are distinguishable from projects in two ways:

1. The first is a watermark which indicates that the registration is read-only.

2. The second is an alert in a blue box at the top of the page indicating that the project is a registration. The alert contains a link back to the original project.