End an Embargo Early

An embargo keeps a registration private until a specified date. When you enter your registration into an embargo, you can end the embargo early to make your registration public sooner.

First, go to your registration.

On your registration page, click the Embargoed button in the top right, then select "End embargo early" from the dropdown.

A modal will appear with instructions on what to do after you confirm making your registration public.

Click Confirm.

Once you end an embargo, you cannot make your registration private again.

After you click Confirm, you will receive an email with a link to either approve or cancel your request to end the embargo.

Click the approval link.

All administrators on the registration will need to approve ending the embargo before the embargo can be lifted and the registration become public. If 48 hours pass without any action, the registration will become public. 

When the embargo is lifted, the registration will be marked as public.