Share on Social Media

You can share public projects, files, and registrations on social media to enhance discoverability. Sharing is not available for private content on the OSF.

Share a public project or component

On a public project or component "Overview" page, click the Share button in the top right.

A drop-down menu of social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email) will appear.

Click on an option from the menu, and a window will appear with the chosen social media website.

If you are already logged in to the website on your device, a window will appear with a link to the public project in an unpublished post.

If you are not logged in, the window will prompt you to log in prior to posting the project link.

Then, share the project or component on the social media website.

Share a public file

Go to a project or component, and then click the Files tab.

A list of files will appear. Next, click on a file to open it.

The "File Details" page will appear.

Click the Share button in the toolbar.

A window will open that shows the social media options as well as a link to the rendered file.

Click the copy icon to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Click the Embed button to show links to the file in JavaScript as well as a link with dimensions that you can edit.

You can copy and paste the links into a webpage to render the file.