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Create and Manage Folders

Folders can be used to organize files in your projects or components. You can create folders in OSF Storage or many third-party storage add-ons to group files together. Folders have the same privacy settings and contributor permissions as the project or component in which they live. The contents of a folder can be downloaded as a .zip file.

Create a folder

Sign in to the OSF, then go to the project or component for which you want to create a folder.

The "Project Overview" or "Component Overview" page will appear.

Find the "Files" section on the "Overview" page. The "Files" section shows your storage locations, components, folders, and files.

Next, click the name of the storage location where you want to create a folder.

A toolbar will appear at the top of the "Files" section.

Click the Create Folder button in the toolbar.

The toolbar will turn into a textbox.

Type the name of the folder into the textbox, then click the green + icon to create the folder.

Name the Folder

The folder will be added to your storage location.

Add files to a folder

To add files to the folder, click the folder's name, and a toolbar will appear above the "Files" section.

Click the Upload button in the toolbar, and a dialog box will appear. Select the file(s) you wish to upload from the dialog box. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files into the folder.

Adding files to a folder

Move folders

You can move folders between components or between other folders by dragging and dropping them into the respective place.

Download contents of a folder as a zip

To download the entire contents of a folder as one .zip file, select the folder and then click the Download as zip button in the toolbar above the file tree.