Edit Contributor Permissions

Projects and components have individual contributor lists and permissions levels, so you can control who can access and modify your components. You can also assign different permissions to contributors in different components of a project. This article explains how to use this fine-grained control to make the most of the OSF.

1. Go to the "Contributors" page

Go to your "Project Overview" or your "Component Overview" page.

Then, click the Contributors tab in the gray navigation bar. A list of your contributors will appear

2. Modify permissions

The permissions levels are:

  • Read privileges allow contributors to see the contents of the project or component.
  • Read and write privileges allow the contributor to see the contents of the project, upload and delete files, create, edit, and delete wiki pages, configure add-ons, and create new components.
  • Administrator privileges encompass everything "read and write" privileges do, as well as the ability to add/delete contributors, control permissions, register the project, control public/private settings of the project, and delete the project. Administrators are also granted read access to all components within the project, even if the administrator is not a contributor on the component.

Select the new permissions level from the drop-down list next to the contributor's name.

Uncheck the box in the "Bibliographic Contributor" column to make the contributor non-bibliographic. Non-bibliographic contributors still have access to the project, but their names do not appear in the list of contributors on the "Project Overview" or "Component Overview" page or in the citations. You might use this feature if you have someone helping to manage your project but this person will not earn authorship.

Click the Save Changes button when you're finished.