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  • Updated on: Aug 17, 2017

    Share a Preprint

    This article will walk you through 5 easy steps to share a preprint. Sharing your preprint will allow you to receive quick feedback on your research and gain a wider audience for your work. Because your preprint will be on the OSF, you’ll get access to other features like analytics on how many others are accessing and downloading your work, a persistent identifier to allow your preprint to be cited, and the ability to add supplemental files, like data or analysis scripts.

    Manual Preprints
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  • Updated on: Aug 17, 2017

    How to Prepare Your Preprint

    Manual Preprints
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  • Updated on: Aug 17, 2017

    Search and Discover Preprints

    Manual Preprints
  • Updated on: Aug 16, 2017


    Manual FAQS
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  • Updated on: Aug 14, 2017

    Storage Add-Ons

    The OSF acts as a central hub to streamline your workflow by connecting to several third-party storage services.  This article describes each storage add-on and how the connections work. For a description of how to enable these connections, see the Enable Add-ons article.

    Manual Using Add-ons
    Tags add-ons, amazon s3, box, dataverse, dropbox, figshare, github, google drive, integration, owncloud, storage
  • Updated on: Aug 10, 2017

    Connect Add-Ons

    An add-on is a connection between the OSF and another third-party service such as Google Drive or GitHub. You and others can view and interact with materials stored on other services from within your OSF project or component.  

    This article describes how to connect your OSF account with other services. You can connect accounts from your user settings page or from your Project or Component Settings page. This article describes configuring add-ons from your Project or Component Settings page.

    Manual Using Add-ons
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  • Updated on: Aug 07, 2017

    Add Contributors

    In this article, you will learn how to add contributors to projects and components. You will also learn about various permissions levels for contributors.

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  • Manual Preprints
  • Updated on: Aug 04, 2017

    Request a Preprint Service

    Manual Preprints
  • Updated on: Jul 27, 2017

    Remove Contributors from a Project

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