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  • Updated on: Mar 23, 2018

    Submit a Registered Report

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  • Updated on: Mar 20, 2018

    Create and Manage Folders

    Folders can be used to organize files in your projects or components. You can create folders in OSF Storage or many third-party storage add-ons to group files together. Folders have the same privacy settings and contributor permissions as the project or component in which they live. Furthermore, the contents of a folder can be downloaded as a .zip file.

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  • Updated on: Mar 15, 2018

    Withdraw a Registration

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  • Updated on: Mar 12, 2018

    Link to a Project

    In this article, you will learn about how links and forks can help make connections between multiple OSF projects.

    Linking a project creates an easy path for those viewing your work to find another related project.

    Forking a project creates a copy of an existing project and all of its contents. The fork always points back to the original project, forming a network of functional citations. You might use a fork to copy another's work to build on and extend. For example, a professor may create an OSF project of materials for individual student use. Each student forks the project to have his or her own copy of the materials to start his/her own work.

  • Updated on: Mar 09, 2018

    Share a Preprint

    This article will walk you through 5 easy steps to share a preprint. Sharing your preprint will allow you to receive quick feedback on your research and gain a wider audience for your work. Because your preprint will be on the OSF, you’ll get access to other features like analytics on how many others are accessing and downloading your work, a persistent identifier to allow your preprint to be cited, and the ability to add supplemental files, like data or analysis scripts.

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  • Updated on: Feb 28, 2018

    Add Supplemental Files to a Preprint

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  • This article will show you how to affilate your research on the OSF with your institution. Affiliating your research enhances transparency, fosters collaboration, and increases the visibility of your work.

    Note: You will only be able to affiliate your research if your institution has worked with the Center for Open Science to create a dedicated institutional OSF landing page.

  • Updated on: Feb 28, 2018

    End an Embargo Early

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  • Updated on: Feb 28, 2018

    View Your Registration Form

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