Submit a Registration to a Branded Registry

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OSF Branded Registries is a service for groups who wish to manage registrations and associated material according to their unique community needs and priorities. 

This help guide contains instructions on how to submit a registration to a branded registry. For more information on registrations, visit our overview of registration forms, Understand Registration Forms. To submit a registration that is unaffiliated with a branded registry, visit our help guide, Register Your Project.

1. Create a registration

To submit a registration to a branded registry, you will need to have an existing OSF project. You can only submit a branded registration from a branded registry’s homepage. Click Add New in the upper left hand corner.

An “Add New Registration” page will appear.


2. Select a project

A project is required for registration. If you haven’t started the project yet, you can create a new project from your dashboard.


3. Select registration type

Select the registration type relevant to your project from the dropdown box. If you are unsure what registration form to choose, see the Registration Forms help guide to learn more.

Then click Start registration draft.


4. Enter registration metadata

Each form will ask you to enter basic metadata (Title, Description, contributors, etc.) about your data and research. 

This metadata only applies to the registration you are creating and will not be applied to your project.

The form autosaves every few seconds when updates are made. You can exit the form and return to the draft at any time.


5. Fill out the registration form

Each form will ask you to enter information about your data and research.

Click Review when you are ready to register. If the registration form is more than 1-page long, this button will be at the top right of the last page


6. Review

Review your registration form. Click the Back button to make further changes. Click the Register button when you're ready to register.


7. Select components to be included in the registration

If your project includes components, you can select components to include or exclude from the registration. As all registrations become public eventually, this is an opportunity to deselect any components containing sensitive information that must be kept private. Deselecting the component from the registration ensures that the content can remain private.

If your project includes components, choose the components you want to include in the registration. All components will be selected by default.

Then click Continue.


8. Choose your privacy settings

Before you submit your registration, a final modal will appear that allows you to choose your privacy settings.

Choose to either make your registration public immediately  or embargoed for up to 4 years.

If you choose to make your registration public immediately, you can also choose to create a DOI.

If entering into an embargo, the "Embargo End Date" field will appear.

Click inside the "Embargo End Date" field, then select the date when you want to end the embargo from the calendar.

When you're ready to finalize your registration, click the Submit button.

The registration will be in a "pending" state until all admins approve the registration or 48 hours pass (whichever comes first).



9. Approve or cancel your registration

When a project is registered, all administrators on the project are notified via email and given the chance to approve or cancel the registration.

The registration goes into effect

  • either when all administrators have approved the registration
  • or when 48 hours have passed (whichever comes first)

If one administrator disapproves the registration, the registration is cancelled. You will be notified via email if an administrator disapproves the registration.

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