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Direct submission to select APA Journals is available to authors with PsyArxiv preprints. Chronos is the third-party tool that facilitates the process. Any author with the role “administrator” on an accepted preprint can initiate the process. 

If you have any questions at all throughout the process, we encourage you to write to or

Follow these steps to make your journal submission: 

  1. Transfer Your PsyArxiv Preprint to Chronos
  2. Use Chronos to Submit to the APA Journal
  3. Final Submission & Confirmation 
  4. APA Process
  5. Explore Chronos Features

1. Transfer Your PsyArxiv Preprint to Chronos

Click the Submit to an APA-published journal link to the right of your preprint. 

A list of available journals will appear.

Choose a journal to submit your preprint to from the dropdown menu.

There are seven journals available as part of this piloting program: Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, Law and Human Behavior, Psychological Methods, the Asian American Journal of Psychology, Psychology and Neuroscience, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, and the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Click the green Submit button to send your manuscript, title, authors and contributors, keywords, abstract, and email address on to the Chronos interface. The Chronos Dashboard now appears.

2. Use Chronos to Submit to the APA journal

Chronos automatically creates an account and sends an activation email to the user. New articles submitted are added to the user’s record. 

Create a password and activate the account. Journal and article information will appear.

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Please note the Submission Instructions.

The article title is carried over from PsyArXiv.

Author Roles are pre-filled from the contributors list on the preprint including: First Author, Corresponding Author, Submitting Author, Author, or Research Assistant. Adjust the roles as necessary. Corresponding Author and Submitting Author roles are mandatory.

Choose the article type from the dropdown list. “Research-article” is the pre-selected designation.

The abstract from PsyArXiv is carried over for additional edits.

Keywords are carried over and support edits.

Any OSF projects linked to a manuscript are carried over or add links to other supplemental files.

Press the Update Article button to create a draft submission.

The Chronos screen now shows the article as updated.

The Draft can still be edited or deleted; review the draft to ensure all information is accurate and complete.

3.  Finalize the Submission & Receive Confirmation

Click Submit Article to transmit the manuscript to the APA journal.

Chronos Terms and Conditions appear in a dialog box. Click Submit Article to agree and submit to the APA journal. Click Cancel to keep the article as a draft without submission.

A thumbs up signifies the article is registered with the journal.

An Article Transfer email from Chronos arrives in approximately fifteen minutes with information on the submission.

4. APA Process

 After submission, an APA staff member makes contact to shepherd the submission through to the editor of the journal. There is an opportunity to adjust the submission, and to complete a journal-specific questionnaire. The rest of the process is handled by APA staff members working directly with the editorial office.

5. Explore Chronos Features

Press the Home button to see a list of FAQs and your articles with their current status.

Click to expand or collapse the article information.

Review article information on all drafts and submissions.

Click My profile to access all of your information on the site.

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