Third-Party Vendors

COS uses several third-party vendors to help operate OSF and its suite of products. This document provides a list of third-party vendors and their purposes, organized by category. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to understand why and when COS shares information with third-party vendors.

Cloud-computing Services

Purpose: to host web services and to store and back-up operational data, logs, and files uploaded to OSF Storage.

Site Analytics

Purpose: to track and aggregate activity and usage on OSF and its suite of products.


Purpose: to track error logs on OSF and its suite of products.

Spam Detection

Purpose: to automate spam detection.


Purpose: to issue DOIs for OSF projects, registrations, and preprints.

User Support

Purpose: to provide user support and log user feedback.

Relationship Management

Purpose: to document partnerships, events, and member activity


Purpose: to track transactional and engagement emails sent from OSF and its suite of products to users.


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