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Add-ons are trusted third-party software that is compatible with the OSF. These add-ons are highly popular with users as the add-ons are often programs users are already personally using. Please see our types of Add-on below along with exploring the capabilities of OSF’s open API

Citation Add-ons: Citation software is an excellent way to collect and manage references within a research study. The OSF is compatible with Mendeley and Zotero

Storage Add-ons: Storage applications are a great way to store material on the OSF and even get around some OSF Storage caps. Please explore this section about the different storage add-ons that are compatible with the OSF. 

API Integration: The OSF hosts an Open Application Programming Interface (API). With this API you can access users, projects, components, logs, and files from the Open Science Framework. The Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free, open-source service maintained by the Center for Open Science. To learn more about our API tool please visit this help guide section. 

Boa Integration: Developed by Iowa State University's Laboratory of Software Design, Department of Computer Science, BOA is a data mining tool utilizing the "Boa" query language to extract aggregate data from software repositories. Its infrastructure employs distributed computing techniques, enabling efficient query execution across hundreds of thousands of software projects, with applications spanning MSR, COVID-19, and Genomics research.


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