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We offer quite a few helpful guides to assist users to manage their account and profile information. To help navigate these articles we have given you a preview of each help guide: 

  • Create an OSF Account 
    The OSF is free to use. If you are brand new to the OSf you can create an account or use an ORCID to create an account
  • Sign in to OSF 
    You can sign in to OSF using your username and password or institutional or ORCiD credentials. You can explore OSF without signing in; however, you will need to be signed in in order to use OSF products and manage your work.
  • Claim an Unregistered Account 
    If you do not have an OSF account but are added to an OSF project, you will receive an email from OSF notifying you that you have been added as a contributor to a project. 
  • Reset your Password 
    If you forget your OSF password, don't worry - you can create a new one!
  • Edit Your Profile Information 
    Updating your profile only takes seconds and makes it easier for current and future collaborators to find you.
  • Merge Your Accounts 
    If you have two OSF accounts, you can merge them into one account
  • Add a New Address to Your Account 
    You can add alternate email addresses in addition to your primary one that you can use to log in to your OSF account. 
  • Change Your Password 
    Do you want to update your password without going through the password-reset process?
  • Configure Your Email and Notification Preferences
    Receiving too many or too few emails from the OSF and collaborators? Configure and manage your email and notification preferences. 
  • Deactivate Your Account 
    If you want to close your OSF account, log in to your account and request an account deactivation. 

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