Security and Privacy

The protection of your research, and personal information is our top priority. For more information on OSF security and privacy please see our help guides below along with a preview of each article: 

This help guide provides an overview of licensing research data and materials and how to license your project, registration or preprint on OSF. 
License your Project 
You can add a license to your project to allow others to copy, distribute, and make use of your data while allowing you to retain copyrights of your work.
Control your Privacy Setting (Projects) 

If you're an admin, you can make your project private or public and alternate between the two settings.

Version Control 
Improving the ability to consistently track and retrieve each version of a file can lead to more efficient collaboration and increased accuracy of research results.
Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication

You can enable two-factor authentication for your OSF account to make your OSF sign-in process more secure. 

Set A Global Storage Location 
You can choose a default storage location for your OSF Storage, with the options of United  States, Canada, Germany, or Australia
Third-Party Vendors 
COS uses several third-party vendors to help operate OSF and its suite of products. This document provides a list of third-party vendors and their purposes, organized by category.
COS Data Breach 
Center for Open Science (COS) focuses significant attention on data security and has an established culture of openness, trust, and integrity, and is committed to protecting the Open Science Framework’s (OSF) data.
FAQ- Security
These are common questions from our users on OSF Security. 
Spam Deactivation
We investigate reported cases of OSF users being accidentally flagged or deactivated on a case-by-case base.

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