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  • Patrick James Alexander

    I'm running into a problem with my preprint upload stalling. It looks like the drag & drop file upload dialogue has a time limit, and if the file hasn't uploaded in 15-20 seconds, it stalls and will never complete. I can upload the full file just fine into OSF Storage through a project, but it looks like the only option to assign a file to be the preprint is through that drag & drop dialogue, and it just stalls. The file in question is 45 megabytes, by the way; on the large size for a pdf, sure, but not`excessively so... and nowhere near the published file size limits for OSF.

    Is there a workaround? I don't want to try to find another preprint archive just to get around a stalling upload dialogue!

  • Eric Olson

    Hi, Patrick.  Can you write us at  We will narrow down what is causing the stalling issue.

  • Patrick James Alexander

    Greetings, Eric,

    Will do, thanks! For what it's worth, I tried my Windows machine, too (Windows 10 Enterprise)--same thing, in both Chrome (83.0.4103.61) and Internet Explorer.




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