Connect Zotero to a Project

You can manage and collaborate on your Zotero references directly from your OSF projects! This help guide will walk you through how to connect your personal or group libraries to your projects.

If Zotero is already configured in your OSF account, you may have trouble viewing your Group Libraries. See Reauthorize Zotero for help.

The Zotero add-on allows you to connect external content to OSF. This connection does not store or back up this content on OSF. If registering your project with Zotero connected, Zotero content will not be registered.

2. Configure Zotero

If Zotero is already configured in your OSF account, click the Import Account from Profile link. If your Group Libraries don't appear, you may need to reauthorize your Zotero connection. See Reauthorize Zotero for instructions.

Find Zotero in the "Configure Add-ons" section, then click the Connect Account link.

Log in to Zotero, then click the Accept Defaults button.

Zotero page to authorize access to OSF

Then click the Import button in the modal.

3. Select a library and folder

Next, select a library from the list, and click Save.

Then, select a folder within the library, and click Save.

Your Zotero library and folder will be connected to your project.

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