Sign in to OSF

You can sign in to OSF using your username and password or institutional or ORCiD credentials. You can explore OSF without signing in; however, you will need to be signed in in order to use OSF products and manage your work.

Go to the OSF "Sign In " page

Click the Sign In button in the top right of the OSF homepage.

OSF Homepage showing Sign In button

The OSF "Sign In" page will appear.

OSF Sign In page

Sign in with your email and password

Enter the email and password you used to create your OSF account.

Then, click the Sign in button.

OSF Sign In page showing Sign In button

You will be signed in to your OSF account and taken to your Dashboard.

Sign in through ORCiD  

Please be aware of the following situations:

  • When you sign in to OSF with your ORCiD ID and do not have an OSF account, a new OSF account will be created with your ORCiD credentials.
  • If you have an OSF account, and you use the same email address for both your OSF and ORCiD accounts, you can sign in to OSF with your ORCiD ID and a second OSF account will not be created. In this case, when you sign in to OSF with your ORCiD ID, your ORCiD ID will automatically be added to your OSF account.
  • If you have different emails on your OSF and ORCiD accounts, then signing in to OSF through ORCiD will create a second OSF account for you. If you find yourself in this situation, please see our Merge Your Accounts help guide for directions.

Click the Sign in with ORCID button to sign in to OSF with your ORCiD ID.  

OSF Sign In page showing Sign in with ORCiD button

You will be taken to the "OAuth" page for ORCiD.

Click the Authorize button to grant OSF access to your ORCiD record.

ORCID Sign In Page

You will be logged in to your OSF account and taken to your Dashboard.

Sign in through your institution

If your institution has partnered with OSF (i.e. they have an Institutional Landing Page), you can log in to OSF using your institutional credentials.  If you have used institutional login previously but cannot find your institution in the dropdown, Visit This Guide for steps to continue accessing and using your OSF account.

Click the Sign in via institution button.

OSF Sign in page showing Sign in via Institution button

Choose your institution from the Select your institution dropdown, and then click Sign in.

OSF Sign in via Institution page

You will be directed to your institution's login page.  Enter your institutional credentials, and then you will be returned to OSF.

If you did not have an OSF account previously, you will be asked to read and agree to the OSF Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.

Then click the Continue button.

OSF Terms of use and privacy policy agreement screen

You will be logged in to your OSF account and taken to your Dashboard.

Using Multiple Login Methods

Having multiple login methods will ensure that you maintain access to your account even if your email address, institution, or other details change.  You can use the all of the options above on the same account.  If you discover that you have multiple OSF accounts, you can merge them. See More About Account Merging Here.

Deactivated or Flagged Account

If you have an account or material that has been falsely flagged as SPAM or deactivated please report your information to us by emailing OSF support reviews these reports on a case-by-case basis. 


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