File Revisions and Version Control

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OSF has built-in version control and retains all copies of a file added to OSF.

OSF further provides access to versions of files stored on third-party storage providers. Some storage providers limit the number of previous versions saved; check with your storage provider to understand their policies and practices related to versioning.

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Uploading A New Version Of A File

Uploading a new version of a file to OSF follows the same process as uploading the original version. See the " Uploading files guide" for details. As long as the new version of your file has the same name and is put into the same directory as the earlier version, OSF will automatically update the file and maintain a record of all previous versions stored on OSF Storage and some other storage providers.  

View New Versions Of A File

Start by selecting a file.

You will be taken to the "File Detail" page, where the most recent version of the file will be displayed.

View Previous Versions Of A File

Open the "File Detail" page of the file.

The most recent version of the file will be displayed by default.

Click the Revisions icon at the top right of the page. 

A list of the file's version history will appear. Each version of the file has a version ID.

Here you will be able to copy 2 types of version IDs (MD5 and SHA-2) and download previous versions of a file. 

Download Previous Versions Of A File

Click the Download button next to the version that you want to download.

The file will be downloaded onto your computer.

cc-zero.png   This article is licensed under CC0 for maximum reuse. 

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