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Video Description: Master the art of creating, managing, and collaborating on projects within the OSF ecosystem. Learn how to organize your research materials, track changes, and foster collaboration seamlessly. Find Full-Length Live OSF 101 Training Here

What are projects? 

Projects are a flexible tool for researchers to plan, collaborate, and organize a research study.   Because of their flexibility, projects are an excellent place for a team to show their work and refine ideas.  Our Project help guides are split into several sections.  

  • Create A Project

    Need a space to collaborate with your peers on your work? In this section, you will find information on creating a project, component, and even examples of OSF projects. 

  • Managing Projects

    Once you have created a few projects, visit this section for more information on navigating all your projects, organizing your work, or even deleting a project. 

  • Collaborating, Contributors

    Projects are a great tool for your research team to work together. Learn more ways to collaborate, set permissions, and access projects already in progress. 

  • Wiki

    A wiki is a versatile tool for interacting with your team and others who view your work. Wikis can be used to explain the main points of your project and can contain information like lab notes, contact information, or more in-depth details about your project. Learn more in this section. 

  • Sharing, Linking, And Forking

    Time to get the work out about your project! Explore this help guide section if you are looking to share, link, or even make a copy (ie. “fork”) of a project (yours or someone else's). 

  • Project Files

    The file section of your project is an excellent place to hold all of your data, analysis, notes, and research documents. 

  • Project Storage For questions on storing your files inside of an OSF project, or about storage limits, see our OSF Project storage section

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