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What are preprints? 

Video Description: Follow our fictitious researcher, "Sophia" as she learns how her common problems throughout the research life-cycle can be solved by the tools on the OSF! This video will start with our section on OSF preprints. 

A preprint is the manuscript copy of an article that is sent to publishers for consideration and peer review. Preprints are generally shared through specialized preprint servers like OSF Preprints. For more information on what are preprints please see our general preprint introduction. Have a more specific question? Find more information in our preprint FAQs

Our preprint help guides are split into 3 main sections. 

  1. Create a Preprints: This section has help guides for the preparation, creation, uploading, finding, and submitting your preprints. 
  2. Managing Preprints: This section has help guides for the discovery of other preprints, editing, withdrawing, downloading, endorsing, annotating, or citing a preprint. 
  3. Submit To A Moderated Preprint Service: This section has help guides for finding and submitting to a moderated preprint service. 


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