Managing projects (OSF Projects)

Now that you have created a project(s), you can start managing them. To give you a sneak peek inside each help guide article, look at the goals each help guide addresses! The following articles help you find, organize, rearrange, and manage all of your projects at once.

  • Get to Know your Dashboard 
    When you sign in to the OSF, you land on your OSF dashboard. The dashboard allows you to quickly create and access your projects, discover others' public projects, and navigate to other OSF features.
  • Manage Your Projects
    You can quickly access your OSF projects and components, registration, and preprints on the "My Projects" page. You can organize projects into Collections for easier access to your projects or other public projects.
  • Manage Bookmarks and Collections 
    Bookmarks and Collections help you organize your own OSF projects or public projects you're interested in by making them easily accessible from the left side panel of the Project Organizer. View your Collections on the My Projects page.

The following help guides are based on making changes within a single project or component:

  • View Project Analytics 
    OSF Projects have their own built-in analytics to track popular pages and number of visits over time. You can view the impact of any public project by clicking its Analytics tab.
  • Configure Notifications 
    Receiving email notifications on your project allows you to stay up-to-date on your project activity.
  • License your Project 
    You can add a license to your project to allow others to copy, distribute, and make use of your data while allowing you to retain copyright. 
  • View Recent Activity 
    Every action performed in a project is logged by the OSF in the "Recent Activity" section, so you will always know the changes that have been made on a project and who made them.
  • Control your Privacy Settings (Projects)
    You must be an admin on a project or component in order to change the privacy settings. If you're an admin, you can make your project private or public and alternate between the two settings.
  • Reorder Components 
    If you have multiple components on a project, you can reorder the components to better organize your project
  • Add Metadata to Your OSF Project
    Enhance the information OSF stores and shares about your project through the creation of additional metadata

Time to remove a project. Projects can be made public or private at any time. They can also be removed or deleted. For more information please see these help guides: 

  • Delete a Project 
    When you delete a project, all files and data will be deleted along with it. Please be aware that deleting a project is an irreversible action. Only administrators can delete projects.
  • Delete a Project with Component
    If your project has components within it, all components must be deleted before the parent project can be deleted.
  • Delete a Component
    Deleting a component will remove the component and its content. This action is irreversible. 

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