Collaborating on Projects

Collaborators and contributors are the coauthors on a project, registration, or preprints. Each contributor has their own permission level (ie. Administrator, Read+Write, and Read), each with different responsibilities and privileges.  The OSF has some great tools for collaboration try Commenting on a Project or using the project Wiki. Please see this section if you are looking for guidance on registration contributors

Before exploring the links below, start by reviewing this help guide to Understand Contributor Permissions. Project collaborators can be modified at any time by users with admin-level permissions. 

Help guides for If you are a project admin:  

Edit Contributor Permission 
This help guide gives instructions on how to update contributor's permissions after they have been added to the project.
Grant Access To A Project 
Researchers can request access to your projects to collaborate. You will be notified by email of requests to your project, and you can either accept or deny these requests.
Add Contributors To Project And Components 
In this article, you will learn how to add contributors to projects and components (sub-projects).
Remove Contributors From A Project
Only admins on a project can remove other contributors from the project and any components.
Import Contributors From A Parent Project Into A Component
You can use the import feature to quickly add contributors from a parent project to one of its child components.
Add Admin Form The Parent Project To A Component 
Admins on the parent project have read-access to all child components, even if other contributors created them. This help guide will walk you through how admins on the child component can easily add admins from the parent project.

Help guides for users who want access to someone else's project: 

Request Access To A Private Project 
Private projects can only be viewed by those who are a contributor. If you have the URL of the private project because you were supposed to be added as a contributor, or the owner of the project shared the URL with you, you can request access to the project.
Request Access To A Public Project 
If you come across a public project to which you want to contribute, you can now request access to join! Public projects that have access requests enabled will have the option for you to request access. The admin(s) on the project must accept your request before you can be granted access.

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