A wiki is a versatile tool for interacting with your team and others who view your work. Wikis can be used to explain the main points of your project and can contain information like lab notes, contact information, or more in-depth details about your project. 

The wiki supports collaborative editing, meaning your entire team can work on it at the same time. You can also make wikis publicly editable to allow visitors to your project to contribute. All versions of a wiki page are saved, so you can always go back to previous versions and compare current wikis with previous iterations. Below are help guides pertaining to the project wiki, along with a preview of each help guide. 

Attention: All new users should start by reading this help guide: Edit the Wiki and then explore the help guides below 

Add and Delete Wiki pages 
As your research grows, you can add and delete pages from your wiki to keep you and your contributors up-to-date and organized.
Rename Wiki Page 
As you add pages to your wiki, you can rename them to better describe and organize your wiki!
Enable Wiki Contributions 
Project wikis can be configured to allow public contributions from all OSF users or restricted to project contributors with write access (Admins and Read+Write). This setting is configurable on public projects only.
View Version of the Wiki

Every time a user clicks Save on a wiki page, a new version of the wiki is saved to the OSF. You can view and compare versions of a wiki page to see what has changed over time.

Disable the Wiki 
If you don't want to have a wiki on your project, you can disable it.

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