Data Management

A data management plan is a living, written document explaining what you intend to do with your data during and following the conclusion of your research project. A data management plan is required by many funders. Even if it is not required, a data management plan can save you time and effort during your research as it forces you to organize your data, prepare it for the next step in its lifecycle, and clarify who will have access to it, how, and when. For more information on data management plans please see our help guides below: 

Create a Data Management Plan 
A data management plan helps ensure that your data remains usable to both you, your collaborators, and other researchers beyond the end of your project. Here is how you start.
How to Make a Data Dictionary 
The purpose of a data dictionary is to explain what all the variable names and values in your spreadsheet really mean.
Sharing Research Outputs 
We encourage sharing of all data, materials, and software code whenever possible. The likelihood that sharing any particular research output will contribute to the benefit of a field depends on many factors including how complete it is, how completely it is documented, where it is stored, and how it is shared. 
Sharing Data 

The OSF is streamlined to facilitate data sharing. This guide explains the process from a new user perspective, assuming minimal experience with the OSF.

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