Updated Registrations: The Interface

The Interface

The dropdown (1) at the top tells you which update you are currently viewing. The original registration will have the text “Original” and the latest update will have “Latest”. Opening a registration will default to the latest submission.

Update registrations will be accompanied by an orange bordered box (2) located at the top. This box includes the update’s submission timestamp and the reason why the updates were necessary.

Switching between updates and the original registration

To access a specific update or the original registration, click the dropdown located at the top of the registration. 

The list is presented in chronological order and calls out the latest update (1) and original registration (2).

If you are an Admin contributor on the registration, you will see a green update located at the bottom of the dropdown that will either create a new update or open the current one that’s being edited. Read How to Start an Update to learn more about creating an update.

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