Approving / Rejecting Submitted Updates

Once an update is submitted for approval, all Admin contributors on the update should approve / reject the submission within 48 hours.

Approve or reject an update

An email is sent to all contributors associated with the update to inform them it is ready for admin approval. This email includes a link where admin contributors can approve or reject the submission and other contributors can review its contents.

Click the link in the email notifying you the update is pending approval. This will take you to the update’s review page.

Review the update’s content.

Hint: Changed responses are listed under Justification.

Click either the “Approve changes” or “Continue editing” button to submit your decision.

If Approved: A green success bar will appear in the top part of your screen and the system will inform you that your decision was submitted.

If Rejected: A modal will pop up asking what additional updates are needed. Enter the requested information and click “Update” to return the update back into edit mode.

Approved Submissions

Latest, approved update submissions will show by default when a reader opens your registration. The update will include an orange text box that includes the timestamp of the submission and the reason the updates were necessary. 

Updates submitted to a Community Operated Registry will require moderation, just like the original registration. See Community Operated Registries and Updates to learn more.

Rejected Submissions

Rejected update submissions will return the update back into draft mode for additional edits. Additional edits entered by the Admin that did not approve the update will be included an email sent by the system. Enter the additional context and resubmit the update for Admin approval.

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