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This Article Is Licensed Under CCO For Maximum Reuse.OSF Preprints and the community preprint services integrate with Plaudit - a third-party tool - to allow you to publicly endorse a work, giving the authors and readers insight into the work's potential value. Plaudit is available on all community preprint services hosted on OSF.

Endorsing a work via Plaudit requires an ORCID account, which identifies the endorser. An OSF account is not required to endorse a work via Plaudit. Endorsements are displayed on the preprint as well as fed into Crossref Event Data, to help scholars understand a more full picture of how research connects.

Add an endorsement

First, open the preprint that you want to endorse, then click the Plaudit button to the right of the preprint.

Next, choose which endorsements you want to give by checking the box corresponding to robustclear, and/or exciting. Then, click the check mark box to endorse.

Login to Plaudit

If you're not logged into Plaudit, you'll be redirected to authenticate via ORCID. An ORCID account is required to endorse a preprint via Plaudit, but an OSF account is not required.

Login to ORCID and you'll be returned to the preprint page, with your endorsement added.

View endorsements

The names of endorsers appear next to the Plaudit button. If all of the endorsements do not fit on the page, clicking and x others will take you to a listing of all endorsers. Clicking an endorser's name takes you to a page listing all of their endorsements.

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