Create Components (OSF Projects)

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Components are sub-projects below the top-level project. Components help organize your research and create hierarchy within your parent project.

A component's privacy settings, contributors, tags, wikis, add-ons, and files are separate from the parent project. If you choose, components can inherit the contributors and tags of a parent project (see below).

  1. Add Component
  2. Enter A Title
  3. Add An Institutional Affiliation (Optional)
  4. Choose A Storage Location
  5. Inherit Contributors And Tags
  6. Enter A Description Or Select A Category (Optional)
  7. Complete Your Component

1. Add component

First, open the project to which you want to add a component.

You will be taken to your "Project Overview" page.

On your "Project Overview" page, click the Add Component button.

From the Project Overview page, click "Add Component"

The "Create new component" modal will appear.

Create New Component

2. Enter a title

Enter a title for your component into the "Title" field.

3. Add an institutional affiliation (optional)

If you have signed in to OSF through an institutional portal, newly created projects will be affiliated with the institution by default.

The institutions associated with your OSF account will be selected by default. Deselect the institution to create your project without the affiliation.

4. Choose a storage location

Next, click inside the "Storage location" menu, then select a location from the list:

  • United States
  • Canada - Montréal
  • Germany - Frankfurt

5. Inherit contributors and tags

To add contributors and tags from the parent project to the component, check the corresponding boxes.

6. Enter a description or select a category (optional)

Click the More button, and a drop-down section will appear.

Enter a summary of your project into the "Description" field.

Select a category from the menu - "Uncategorized" will be selected by default.

7. Complete your component

Your component will be created.

Click the Go to new component button in the modal to navigate to your "Component Overview" page.

Like the project "Overview" page, the component "Overview" page is the main view of your component. You can add sub-components to the component to create a more nested hierarchy.

Component Overview Page


cc-zero.png This article is licensed under CC0 for maximum reuse. 
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