Control Your Privacy (OSF Projects) Settings

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You must be an admin on a project or component in order to change the privacy settings. If you're an admin, you can make your project private or public and alternate between the two settings. You can have different privacy settings on your project and components, thus controlling which parts of your overall project are public or private. This help guide walks you through how to make all or parts of your project public or private.

Understand privacy settings

You can tell if your project or component is public or private by seeing which of the Private or Public buttons is toggled on or off in the top right of the "Project Overview" or "Component Overview" page.

You can quickly tell if your components are public or private from your "Project Overview" page. In the "Components" section, look for a lock symbol to the left of the component name. If the component has a lock symbol next to it, it is private. If the component does not have a lock symbol, it is public.

Make your project or components public

Projects and components are private by default.

To make your project and/or component(s) public, click the Make Public toggle button in the top right of the "Project Overview" or "Component Overview" page.  

A modal will appear, asking you to check your data for sensitive information before making your project and/or components public.

After you have reviewed your data, click Continue.

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