Create Registrations

Time to make your first registration! Remember each registration is a part of the scientific record and given a clear timestamp. They can be updated and will be highlighted to promote the transparency of the study. 

How to make a registration:

  • Start a Registration 
    There are two ways to start a new registration using the OSF platform, start from scratch or start from an existing OSF project or component.
  • Edit your Draft Registration
    The guide will walk you through the main workflows to quickly and successfully edit your draft registration.
  • Submit your Draft Registration
    You can submit your registration once the draft is completed. Registration includes two processes: submission and archiving.
  • Create a Preregistration 
    This help guide will walk you through how to start a new preregistration along with more information on the motivation behind preregistrations and best practices.
  • Selecting a Registration Template 
    This help guide will walk you through how to select a template for your registration.

How else to submit a registration: 

  • Submit a Registered Report
    In order to be eligible for this form, you need to first have received "in principle acceptance" (IPA) from a journal after Stage 1 Peer Review, and before you have begun your study. Learn more about registered reports Here.
  • Submit a Registration to a Branded Registry
    This help guide contains instructions on how to submit a registration to a branded registry. 
  • Submit to a Community Operated Registry 
    This help guide contains instructions on how to access a branded registry, start a registration that is associated with a branded registry, and the moderation workflow.

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