Managing Preprints

Now that you have uploaded your preprints, you can make manage them with the following help guides. Please see our help guides below and a sneak preview to help with your preprint goals. 

Search and Discover Preprints 
OSF Preprints allows for the search of content hosted on the OSF and across several other preprint servers to make discovering preprints easy. This article shows the ways you can search and browse preprints.
Edit your Preprints

You can edit your preprint to update its title, version, subject, license, abstract, DOI, and authors.

Download Previous Version of Preprints 
Version control tracks and preserves changes made to a file over time. Versioning is available on preprints uploaded to OSF Preprints or a community preprint provider, enabling you to download and compare versions of preprints over time
Endorse a Preprint 

OSF Preprints and the community preprint services integrate with Plaudit - a third-party tool - to allow you to publicly endorse a work, giving the authors and readers insight into the work's potential value. 

Cite preprints 

Learn how to cite a preprint by following this help guide!

Annotate a Preprint 
OSF Preprints and the community preprint services integrate with Hypothes.Is - a third-party annotation tool - to allow you to annotate preprints and provide feedback to the authors.
Submit to Journal 
Direct submission to select APA Journals is available to authors with PsyArxiv preprints.  Chronos is the third-party tool that facilitates the process
Withdrawing a Preprint
Because preprints are part of the scholarly record, they cannot be deleted. However, preprints can be withdrawn, removing the content but leaving behind basic metadata like title, authors, and the reason for withdrawal, if the author chooses to provide it.
Preprint Analytics 
Each preprint is equipped with a download, and view counter. 

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