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What Is an OSF Preprint?

A preprint is the manuscript copy of an article that is sent to publishers for consideration and peer review. They allow for quick prepublications, citations, and Digital Object Identifier (DOI) creation while waiting for a peer-reviewed publication journal. Preprint servers are repositories for sharing these pre-review research papers, alongside other research that falls outside traditional publishing platforms like results, summaries, and other reports. These services expedite open science by providing cutting-edge research with the research community. You can share your research through OSF Preprints or one of our partner preprint services.

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Once you have submitted your OSF preprint here are three tips for getting the most out of the OSF preprint service.

Tip 1: Connecting OSF Projects or Registration 

Connecting the full picture of all of your work related to a preprint is important! You can connect an OSF project to your OSF preprint, or even connect the DOI from your registration to your preprint. The goal is to provide the reader with all of the information needed to understand the full story of your research project. Try the following help guides to connect your OSF project to your preprint: 

To connect your registration to your preprint first click the edit preprint button on your preprint: 

Click on “Author Assertions”

Click that your preregistration data is available, and add the link (DOI) to your preregistration:

Tip 2: Connecting Outside Peer-Reviewed Publications Through DOIs

You finally published the manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal! You can connect your preprint to your peer-reviewed publication and display links. This is a great open science practice as you are able to complete the research publication journey and funnel readers of your preprint to your peer-review publication. To connect your peer review publications to your start by clicking the edit button on your preprint: 

Click the “Basics” category

Copy and paste your DOI from your peer-reviewed publication into the peer-reviewed publication DOI space:

Tip 3: New Versions of Preprints

Once you create and upload a preprint to OSF, you can update it at any time by uploading a new version. Only the most recent version of your preprint will render on your OSF preprint display page, but all versions of your preprint will be downloadable. If you are interested in uploading a new version of your existing preprint see our help guide here:

Bonus Tip: Find and Share With Your Community

You can submit a preprint to one of our partner preprint services to help promote your work to a targeted audience. Preprint services can be moderated, and that process can differ depending on the preprint service. For more information please see our help guides.

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For more information and other OSF tips and tricks please see our support guides, or contact OSF Support for more information. Additionally, check out blog posts written by some of our COS Staff: 

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