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It is open science best practice to review and analyze your research plan prior to submission. However, you can update your registration if it does not accurately reflect your research plan. The method you choose to update your registration depends on if it is important to keep the timestamp of the original registration. 

Update Registration When the Timestamp is Important

When the timestamp is important, you need to update your registration in a way that readily conveys what was changed, when it was changed, and why. 

Start a new registration the same way the original was started (ex. registry, research registration template, etc). To learn how to start a new registration, our guide " Start a Registration" will walk you through the steps.

In the title field, name the new registration in a way that will make it searchable with the previous registration, but will illustrate that a change was made (ex. “CO2 Effects on Global Warming - Addendum”, “CO2 Effects on Global Warming - 02.12.27”, etc). 

For the fields that will remain unchanged, enter text that redirects readers to the original registration.

For the fields that will change, enter the revisions or updates and why the change was needed. 

Update Registration When the Timestamp is Not Important

Start a new registration. Read " Start a Registration" to learn more.

Fill out the registration similar to the original, but include the revisions you need to make. Read " Edit Your Draft Registration" to learn more.

Submit the registration. This will begin the archiving process, and you can read more about it in " Submit Your Draft Registration".

Once the new registration is approved, withdraw the previous registration. In the withdrawal process, you will be asked to give a reason for the withdrawal. Detail why you are withdrawing the registration and provide a link to the new one. Withdrawal requests are subject to moderation when submitting to a branded registry.  Read " Withdraw a Registration" and follow the steps to successfully withdraw a registration.

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