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Video Description: Follow our fictitious researcher, "Sophia" as she learns how her common problems throughout the research life-cycle can be solved by the tools on the OSF! This video will start with our section on (Pre)registrations 

What are registrations?

Registrations are a formal, transparent “story” of your study. This story describes what your research planned to do, any updates that needed to be made, and the results. Registrations:

  • Proclaim your study and tell the world what you plan to study 
  • Reduces HARKing (hypothesizing after results are known)
  • Provide you with the information to see if you trust the results of other studies
  • Fully understand a study and have access to its materials 

Below are groups of help guides that can help you in any of your registration goals. 

Create Registrations
Time to make your registration! This section walks you through how to create a registration. 
Manage Registration
Have a few registrations? Here you will learn how to access and maintain them.
Updating Registrations
Updating a registration is a process of transparently reflecting necessary changes to a study design. 
Collaborating on Registrations
Other authors on your registration are called collaborators. 
Sharing Registrations
Time to get the word out about your registration! Learn how to effectively share a registration. 
Registration Files
Each registration is a part of your study’s scientific record and given a clear timestamp. Therefore, registration files are treated differently than the more flexible Project Files 

Open Practice Badges
Open Practices Badges are given when a researcher links a resource to their registration. Badges are used as a method to normalize and incentivize open science practices.
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