Updating Registrations

Updating a registration is a process of transparently reflecting necessary changes to a study design. The changes should be implemented only to reflect events outside your control or include unexpected anomalies.  

Before starting your first update, read our Introduction to updating to determine if updating is the best action for you. Please also see our help guide on updating and your registration timestamp. Below are helpful guides to help you with your updating process, along with a small preview of what each help guide contains. 

Updated Registration: The interface
It is open science best practice to review your research plan prior to submission. However, you can easily update your registration to reflect unexpected changes.
Starting an Update
Ready to start an update? This help guide walks you through the starting process. 
Entering Updates
This help guide focuses on returning to and continuing to update your draft. 
Submitting Updates from Approval 
You can submit your updates once your updates are complete. The submission process is the same as when you originally submitted your registration
Approving/ Rejecting Submitted Updates
Once an update is submitted for approval, all Admin contributors on the update should approve/reject the submission within 48 hours.
Community Operated Registration and Updates.
Attitudes towards updating preregistration vary among disciplines and communities. As a result, each Community Operated Registry (COR) decides if updates (pre)registrations reflect their community’s best practice and if they will accept them.

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