Edit a Draft Registration

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When you begin a registration and fill out the registration form, your draft is automatically saved and you can return to work on it it at any time. However, once you register, your registration will be noneditable and you will not be able to make changes to it.

  1. Draft registration forms are auto-saved
  2. Edit your draft registration

1. Draft forms are auto-saved

As you fill out your registration form, changes are automatically saved every few seconds. You can see when the last change was on the right side of your registration form.

If you try to navigate away from the form before changes are saved, you'll see a warning message.

Save as Draft

2. Edit your draft registration

To edit your draft registration, click the Registrations tab in your project's navigation bar.

Registrations Tab

Your "Registrations" page will appear.

Click the Draft Registrations tab to see your draft registrations for the OSF project.

Draft Registrations

Next, click the Edit button on your draft registration. Note that you can also click the Delete button to delete your draft.

Edit Your Registration

Your draft registration will appear, where you can continue to work on your registration form before registering.

Edit Your Draft Registration Form cc-zero.png This article is licensed under CC0 for maximum reuse. 
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