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OSF Community Operated Registries are customized, branded registries hosted on the OSF Registry infrastructure to empower communities to set standards to advance research rigor. A community operated registry is hosted by OSF Registries and enables communities to set their own standards for registration with custom registration templates, moderate registration submissions to curate and enforce standards, and offer DOIs and metadata for enhanced discovery and reuse.

This help guide contains instructions on how to access a branded registry, start a registration that is associated with a branded registry, and the moderation workflow. You can navigate to those specific sections by clicking the links below. 


Access and Discover of a Community Operated Registry

Community operated registries are accessible via a link that is disseminated from the associated group’s  communication channels (contact that organization for more information). These links will take you to the discover page where you can search for accepted, public registrations submitted to that registry or submit one yourself. 

Search for Registrations

Community operated registries search uses the Lucene Search Syntax. This gives you many options, but can be very simple as well. Examples of valid searches include:

Start a Registration

You must be on a branded registry’s page to submit a registration or preregistration to the registry. The branded registry’s page will look similar to the example below, with each having its own logo (1)  background (2), and branded color scheme.

Once on the page, click the Add New button in the top navigation bar.

This will take you to the  Add New Registration page where you can start a new preregistration or registration. Use the following help guides below to complete your document:

Start A Registration

Edit Your Draft Registration


Community operated registries moderate the submissions and withdrawal requests they receive from authors. In other words, moderators take a look at and evaluate the contents of each submission and withdrawal request to determine if it aligns with the branded registry’s content policies and procedures. 

Content is also subject to the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy for OSF and is scanned by the OSF spam filter and removed when in violation.

Submission and Withdrawal Request Process

Registration submissions and withdrawal requests follow the same moderation process and is summarized in the diagram below. After the admin contributors approve their request, the registration is sent to the branded registry moderators for an accept or reject decision, upon which all contributors are notified by email. Moderators can optionally provide feedback to the authors on the submission decision, which will be included in the email to contributors if provided.

Forced Withdrawal

Moderators reserve the right to forcibly withdraw any registration that violates the policies of the branded registry. Contributors will be notified by email of the withdrawal and its reasoning.


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